Arlingtons Brasserie & Cafe-Bar

Arlingtons Brasserie & Cafe-Bar

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Arlingtons Brasserie & Cafe-Bar
13 Museum St

Situated just yards from Ipswich's High Street, Arlington's is in the old Ipswich Museum at 13 Museum Street, now a buzzing brasserie style restaurant and cafe bar with deli take-away.

Innovative French bistro cooking, traditional English catering, quick bites and daily specials - we cater for everyone in our eye-catching central Ipswich restaurant. With seating for 140 upstairs, a French-themed café downstairs, and the well stocked deli for your take home treats, Arlingtons Brasserie is Ipswich's most interesting restaurant by far. Come and find out more about our unique historic building and the regular events held here such as Cafe Scientifique, Poetry Evening, Vinyl Nights and reading groups or just listen to our live pianist in the upstairs brasserie every Friday and Saturday night.

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Arlingtons Brasserie & Cafe-Bar visitor ratings and comments

Comment By  - 07 March 2012

Arlingtons Brasserie & Cafe-Bar is rated 10 out of 10

The setting is fantastic - until you go up the stairs (or in my Dad's case the lift) you don't realise that there will be such a lovely bright space up there - the glass roof was a real surprise. We had the half price mussels and chips on Monday and thought the whole experience was brilliant. We recommend!

Comment By Carol - 04 September 2011

Arlingtons Brasserie & Cafe-Bar is rated 2 out of 10

We have eaten there so many times, but yesterday was bad. I had chicken very stringy and chewy, on sending it back no one came to aplogise, we thought the manager would have done, there were on 3tables who were eating, and even had to call the waitress over to order. Wont be going back.

Comment By Maggie - 27 April 2011

Arlingtons Brasserie & Cafe-Bar is rated 10 out of 10

I have just returned home after an evening at this fine brasserie and must admit that I've been won over! The waitress who served me and my husband at first seemed a little too friendly (if you know what I mean) but soon it became pleasant as she seemed genuine. The food was a mixture of traditional English and French cuisine and I went for a beef bourguonoin (I think that's the spelling!), whilst my husband went for the traditional fish pie. Both were deliscious but this wasn't the coupe de grace of our evening that was supplied by the wonderful building in which the main resturant was situated in, which was a thing of real beauty, with a mixture of traditional French art and photos of Paris on the walls, a piano on top of the kitchen, which I and my husband found endlessly amusing, and a general feeling that was more Paris 1930s than Ipswich 2011! I would recommend this wonder to anyone.

Comment By Paul - 26 April 2011

Arlingtons Brasserie & Cafe-Bar is rated 9 out of 10

Having just read the comment left by the previous person, I felt that I just had to leave one myself, for it appears that the honourable lady must have visited on an off day (an extreme rarity, as I have been a reguler visitor for the past year). Arlingtons has been a favourite of mine and my friends ever since we first attended a party there a year ago and I feel I must do the place justice by showing that I have always found the service, food, atmosphere and general ambiance first class. The building, as was stated in the previous comment, is a wonder but so too is the food and it is the first time that I have ever heard a bad comment about it- having sent many friends there and always been thanked for it. Truthfully Ipswich has no other place like this and my mere hyperbole cannot do it justice- you are just going to have to see it for yourself! I hope that this at least offers an alternative view from the previous comment.

Comment By Kerry - 23 January 2011

Arlingtons Brasserie & Cafe-Bar is rated 1 out of 10

I was extremely appalled by this restaurant. The service was extremely poor, we were left waiting ages for everything, even just to be given the menu's and to be asked what we wanted to drink at the start! They made mistakes in our orders and some of he food was not pleasant. I love eating out and have actually never complained before, but this place left me feeling that I had to warn others. When we spoke to the manager she just tried to make excuses! The place has such potential, it is one of the nicest looking restaurants I have been to, with tasteful pianist and singing, but those who work there obviously have no care for the place at all and let it down dramatically!

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