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Isaacs on the Quay is home to four bars, our newest bar, the Courtyard Bar creates a vibrant atmosphere and is home to our legendary Sunday afternoon live music sessions.

The Kiln Bar sits in its original location offering customers a sense of history and familiarity, whilst the Merchant Bar is the main attraction. Our Top Bar is great for wedding receptions, private parties and functions and offers amazing views over Ipswich's waterfront.

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Isaacs visitor ratings and comments

Comment By Justine - 10 June 2011

Isaacs is rated 1 out of 10

Isaacs used to be a really cool place to go, especially in summer. Now it's no better than a cheap & nasty holiday park. Scratched, unclean, plastic glasses for your overpriced drinks, bland food, even the quality of the musicians has gone down the drain. They now have that awful, fat, drunk guy that changes hats, an oompah band that makes hitler salutes, and generally people that can't sing, it's become quite abyssmal there. The staff are dreadful, unfriendly or over familiar and the bully boys on the door make this once great place seem like some seedy back street has been. Bring back the days when they had some class, the music was good and varied and the food was fresh and tasty. I think they need some new blood in there as far as the entertainment is concerned, because whoever is booking the acts they have now, is chasing away quality customers. We won't be going there again, we love drinking out of real glasses and eating good food and not just being surrounded by empty-eyed football people. Shame, it all started so well.

Comment By Graham Knight - 29 April 2011

Isaacs is rated 9 out of 10

Focal point and rightly so of Ipswich Waterfront. The owner has sympathetically refurbished this and the adjacent buildings. Good guy, Good place! Wonderful view of the yachts coming and going in the marina.

Comment By Len Green - 25 April 2011

Isaacs is rated 10 out of 10

Great for sitting out on a sunny day with a cold beer watching the world go by.

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