Shui Tao Martial Arts

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Shui Tao Martial Arts
Handford Hall Primary School, 57 Gatacre Road

With more than 17 years practicing martial arts to a very high standard.

Stuart Ford teaches a variety of martial arts including Shui Tao (mixed martial arts), Tai Chi, Bagua and Xingyi, in 2005 he founded the Shui Tao Martial Arts School.

Shui Tao:

Shui Tao means The Way of Water and accentuates harmonising with your opponent and breaking into their defence.

Whilst learning martial skills there is also an emphasis on health, fitness and fun as well as respect for yourself and others. Classes are for all levels including family orientated classes and kids classes.

Training includes; a good foundation of stance, movement, blocks, strikes, locks, throws, short and long weapons control.

Personal benefits include; Discipline, Confidence, Health, Fitness, Focus and Inner Peace.

Tai Chi:

Tai Chi is one of the Internal Martial Arts of China and it is practiced at a much slower and relaxed pace, it is very good for relaxation, energy cultivation, posture, balance and mental focus.

Most of the practice is concerned with the form, which is a linking of movements and postures but pushing hands (a two person drill), application and boxing are also available.

Bagua and Xingyi:

Bagua and Xingyi are the two other Main Internal Martial Arts of China. Bagua involves alot of footwork and flexibility whilst it follows a very circular nature, it is also very good for trips and throws.
Xingyi is similar to Karate with a very linear nature, but when practised correctly it is extremely powerful and focuses on cutting straight though an opponent.

Take junction 55 off the A12 towards Ipswich Town Centre, turn left on to Yarmouth Road, then right onto Bramford Road and right again into Gatacre Road.

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