Maharani Indian Restaurant

Maharani Indian Restaurant

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Maharani Indian Restaurant
46 Norwich Rd

Having achieved Double Award Winning Indian Restaurant Winner in the East Anglian Region, the Maharani is 'the' Indian & Bangladeshi Restaurant to visit in the heart of Ipswich. Also awared "British Curry Awards" 2007 Top 100 British Curry Restaurant & finalist in the South East region.

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Maharani Indian Restaurant visitor ratings and comments

Comment By Frances  - 04 December 2011

Maharani Indian Restaurant is rated 1 out of 10

I had a great evening there, OK food, cozy atmosphere, takes 3 hours to bring in the starters, main and the 'complementary drink'. Just when it gets to the bill, they are OVERCHARGING you for the poppadoms, the first time they give it to you before you starting ordering, just like the olives in Italian restaurant, the Kim-chi in Korean restaurant, or the prawn crackers in Chinese restaurant, they are supposed to be complementary, they are NOT in the Indian restaurant. Also they would make the WRONG calculation on the bill, the manager/owner would come to you and say, it's not free, they are 75p each, and on the bill its 10 of them for 9.50.(We order another round of the poppadoms coz we don't want to waste the sauces, don't mind paying either) WOW! I would save my breath to argue coz the owner is the manager. I don't mind the £5 I paid extra for, just the DISHONESTY I don't appreciate when you are doing business. I have 3 witness there we only get 8 of the poppadoms and they charged for 10, well that's the way to make business, SHAME ON THEM! I personally won’t go there again, but if you do, DO CHECK YOUR BILL, that's my only advice! The manager is committing DAY LIGHT ROBBERY, it let down the whole restaurant. If you said it's on the house, fine, just not to trick the customers when they are a bit tipsy and think they are stupid. VERY TRICKY INDEED! Wouldn't recommend it for that reason. :)

Comment By Chris - 26 September 2011

Maharani Indian Restaurant is rated 10 out of 10

A simply wonderful restaurant. Amazing food, very good service and Cobra beer on tap. Also very unusual these days that the manager welcomes you personally but that's what you get here. This has taken number 2 spot on my all-time favourite Indian restaurant list. And it's a very long list!

Comment By lLynn Kemp - 02 September 2011

Maharani Indian Restaurant is rated 10 out of 10

to Paul who commented in August. Don't go to an indian restaurant and expect fast food service. When you go to an indian restaurant, expect to wait because you are getting food cooked to order, not to demand. When you are served in the Maharani, the food is always first class so you have a bit of a wait. This is not Mcdonalds!!!

Comment By paul - 14 August 2011

Maharani Indian Restaurant is rated 8 out of 10

Food was above average although service was very slow. Reasonably good value for money

Comment By Lynn and Mike Kemp - 20 July 2011

Maharani Indian Restaurant is rated 10 out of 10

This is by far the best Indian restaurant in Ipswich and I think we have tried them all. Everyone who works there is always smiling and you are never hurried along as in some restaurants. The menu is large and varied and the food is second to none. If you haven't been yet, you are missing out.

Comment By john & family - 11 June 2011

Maharani Indian Restaurant is rated 10 out of 10

Love the Maharani! Manik is a brilliant host, the food is fantastic, the service is great. I have nothing but praise for this place.

Comment By Anon - 08 October 2010

Maharani Indian Restaurant is rated 10 out of 10

I have to say one of my favourite restaurants. Always so polite and the staff are lovely and very welcoming, especially the old man, incredibly friendly and approachable. Met with a hand shake with him. The food is divine, can't complain, beautiful. I would reccomend deffinitley.

Comment By Jim - 06 July 2010

Maharani Indian Restaurant is rated 10 out of 10

Maharani is the king of curry! The food is top quality, service is wonderful would 100% recommend!

Comment By Lisa - 04 January 2010

Maharani Indian Restaurant is rated 10 out of 10

Went here during the christmas period and it was very busy and not surprisingly either! the food is divine, the service is great, the atmosphere is perfect and the manager ensures that you thoroughly enjoy your time there! definitely one i recommend.

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