Jimmys Farm

Jimmys Farm

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Jimmys Farm
Pannington Hall Farm Wherstead

0870 950 0210

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Jimmy's Farm, just on the outskirts of Ipswich, we visited one overcast Sunday afternoon, there were plenty of visitors and the barbeque was alight.

A really nice atmosphere, children and adults both thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Metal Patchwork Pig at Jimmys Farm
Jimmy's Patchwork Pig
When Jimmy Doherty started his rare breed pig farm two years ago, his vision didn't stop at just pigs. He wanted to create an environment where everyone could learn about farming, food and nature, enjoy the changing landscape through the seasons and generally escape from every day life. Now, after months of clearing, cutting and making paths, the Essex Pig Company's Woodland Trail and Animal Paddock at Jimmy's Farm is complete!

Families can now wander round the meadow where the animals are housed, feeding and stroking the chickens, sheep and ducks. At the bottom of the meadow are three large ponds fed by a stream, one for the ducks, one for fish and another set up for pond dipping. The 30 acre woodland itself is mainly hazel and sweet chestnut coppice - great for nuts in the autumn. The paths wind through the woodland taking people under branches over logs and through areas casting beams of dappled sunlight. Spring will offer a sea of bluebells where the magic of an ancient woodland truly comes to life.

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Jimmys Farm visitor ratings and comments

Comment By s young - 30 August 2011

Jimmys Farm is rated 1 out of 10

I have to say how dissapointed my family and I were when we had sunday breakfast. We left feeling totaly ripped off!! Understanding that the produce is extensive we were more than happy to pay £9.45 for a full english breakfast- however with the amazing variety of beautiful plump sausages for sale at the farm it was somewhat dissapointing that you are not given any choice when orderibg your breakfast and even after saying the type of prefered sausage that my husband loves he was still only allowed to have what the kitchen had to offer that day (regardless that only a few foot away was the butchery department selling a wonderfull array of different types) the disappointment didnt however stop there when the plate of food arrived not only were the sausages full of black pepper but also only half the size of those sold in the butchery dept. - I fail to see why company's sell fresh produce one way but when you eat with them you dont get the same quality. Surely if you eat something devine from the kitchen it will make you want to by the produce to take home?? Unfortuntly as we have been buying the Pork and Bacon sausages from Jimmys farm for sometime now the disspointment with the sunday breakfast was too great!! The pork sandwiches where very laking also - pork flavorless and the Granary bread very dry making the £6 odd sandwich a real chore to eat !!!

Comment By Len Green - 21 April 2011

Jimmys Farm is rated 10 out of 10

Had a wander round Jimmy's Farm for the first time in a couple of years, lots of new things to see and do, great day out.

Comment By Greg and Di Carley - 15 April 2010

Jimmys Farm is rated 10 out of 10

We live in New Zealand and watch the show every week, we are a bit behind and watching the farm get through the tough times and is fantastic to see your drive and determination to suceed. We will be making a beeline to the farm when we are over next. Your a legend mate, good on ya. I'm gonna work on this farm one day.

Comment By Andrew Shephard - 02 February 2010

Jimmys Farm is rated 10 out of 10

Been to Jimmys farm, had a great day with the kids who love all the animals. Can't wait to go back again!

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