Swiss Farm

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Swiss Farm
Hemingstone Rd Ashbocking

01473 785520

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Comment By Colin Parker - 10 July 2012

Swiss Farm is rated 1 out of 10

I have heard so much about this place I went there today to stock up the freezer. I was greeted by staff and asked if they could help, I asked if their sausages contained egg, this being due to an egg allergy in the family. They looked at me as if I had two heads, and then replied they did not know. I pointed out that they are offering local produce an d should known what the meat contains. They replied it probably does as sausages have egg in to bind them. This is not the case, Coleman's Butchers Boxted know exactly what's in their meat and they do not use egg, neither does half of the supermarket sausages. Very disappointed as I would expect a butchers to know what is in the goods, and they made no attempt to find out either, makes me wonder how good they are. Will not be going back.

Comment By Sam Philips  - 17 September 2011

Swiss Farm is rated 9 out of 10

I visit Swiss Farm every few weeks. They have a great seletion of meats at really good prices. Portion sizes are really good and they dont mind packing the meat in any quantities you like ready for the freezer - PERFECT!

Comment By Gayna Gabriel - 13 July 2011

Swiss Farm is rated 10 out of 10

Lovely fresh tasting meat at very good prices. Very little fat on meat such as braising steak, always lean. Butchers are happy to cut to size or help in any way. Would recommend them to all.

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